Intuitive Healing Sessions!

Yes you can have it all! The sessions below are simply examples of what is possible. You’re welcome to come with any intention you’d like, each session is naturally tailored to meet your needs and I would love to create a session that is especially for you!

The Energetic Cleanse

This session is an infusion of relaxing Reiki, Cellular Regeneration Technique (works through your nervous system to remove blocks and stress from your cellular memory using neuromuscular feedback) and Access Bars (reset button).

“The Energetic Cleanse” is a deep experience benefiting your body, mind and soul! Sessions relieve muscle tension and pain, and clear old thought patterns, beliefs and stress. This creates space for new healthy neuropathways to form so you can live more freely and in alignment with your heart!


You will feel lighter, clearer and more balanced!


1 ½ Hours $195.00

Pure Energy Bliss

Pure Energy Bliss is all about energy healing, balancing, clearing and relaxation. There is a little less talk and more focus on simply tuning into the energy of your body, allowing what comes up to clear and balancing your chakra system leaving you feeling lighter, clearer and with a deep feeling of full being relaxation and peace.

Clear your Mind, Relax your Body, Nourish your Soul… with Love.

Virtual sessions available!

Children 13 and under $60

1hr $140

1.5hrs $195


The purpose of this session is beautiful Freedom!

You will experience an infusion of energy healing techniques to support your body-mind to free what you’re ready to let go of, balance and heal. 

You are welcome to come with a specific intention or come with the intention to allow whatever your body’s priority to heal is. Or both, there are no rules! Choose to step into a very open and expansive space, allowing your thoughts to take a sabbatical and allow your heart and unconscious to be free and guide the way!

This session was created to support you to grow your confidence, inspire motivation and leave you feeling lighter and brighter!

Empower your body-mind and Love your Soul!

Children 13 and under $60

1hr $140

1.5hrs $195