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About Full Circle Bodyworks

About Full Circle Bodyworks

It started with a massage client saying “Life takes it out of you. But you know, massage puts it back”. Well, it just seemed like that needed to be put on a T-shirt.

So I thought about it for a couple years, and finally contacted the Aussie T Company. I’ve loved the quality of their shirts for years. After some success marketing the shirts to other MTs via E-mail, I decided to go all out and have a website developed. Well, you can’t have a website for just one product. Okay, I guess you can, but since my colleagues and I had come up with some other good ideas over the years, these have been included on the website also. And so, the birth of Full Circle Bodyworks and We hope you like the site.

About FCB Apparel

At FCB we create and sell what we like to wear. All cotton (whenever possible) because oils and lotions wash out of cotton better than other fabrics. And besides, cotton just feels better. Our designs are always screen printed or embroidered onto the apparel for durability - never, ever an iron on!

Our goal is to provide quality products at reasonable prices. We think its more fun to sell more products at a lower price, than fewer products at a higher price.

We’d appreciate you sharing this website with your friends and colleagues. Please send us your suggestions and feedback. If you like the site, please bookmark it or add it to your favorites. Come back often as new products will be introduced regularly.

Thanks for visiting!

-Julie Cline
Owner and founder of Full Circle Bodyworks

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