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Groups & Meditations 

Join us on a relaxing journey of discovery, restoration and connection with Hayley’s online group offerings, where collective harmony amplifies the healing experience. We’ll delve into the power of community through our Group Intuitive Healing Sessions, Healing Circles, Online Meditations, Distance Reiki and Reiki Practitioner Group. Each experience is intuitively designed and guided to support your needs as an individual and support the energy flow of our group.

Group Intuitive Healing Session

This online Group Intuitive Healing Session will support you to create peace from the inside and change how you choose to live your life! Group size is kept small and nurtures a safe and healing space.  You’re welcome to share in discussion or simply be.

Utilizing the belief “we’re all connected”, these sessions are designed to clear triggers, stressors, patterns and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. This creates space for you to make new choices in alignment with your heart and soul! 

During this Group Intuitive Healing Session I will use a variety of tecniques including:

Reiki, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Cellular Regeneration, Self-love Skills, Meditation, Affirmations, Intuitive Guidance and Breathwork, all guided by Spirit. 

Would love to have you join us.  Spaces are limited!


JULY 29th, 2024 at 6:00pm

Guided Healing Circle

During this Guided Healing Circle Meditation I will take you on a journey to transcend the hustle and bustle and connect you with the healing light within and around you.

In this special space we will give and recieve healing light energy so we feel centred, balanced and whole. Your welcome to bring a list of loved ones and communities so we can share this healing light energy with those we hold close to our hearts in the world.

This event is FREE.  


JUNE 24th, 2024 at 7:00pm

Reiki Connection Group

This is a private group for all levels of REIKI PRACTITIONERS ONLY.  I created this group for my students and practitioners with Reiki Level One, Two, Master or higher who wish to tune in with like minds, connect with Reiki energy, refresh their skills, ask questions and give and receive Reiki Love and more…

All experience levels are welcome!


MAY 15th, 2024 at 6:30pm

Guided Meditations

These guided meditations are designed to naturally take you on a journey of healing light and expansion. These freestyle guided meditations are offered when Hayley receives a message from her guides to share one. Each Meditation is unique and intuitively, guided, channelled from a divine source of light, love and spirit.


Dates coming soon…


Individual Sessions…

If you feel drawn to a private healing experience, individual sessions offer a sanctuary for focused, one-on-one care, where the session is naturally  tailored to meet your needs on your healing journey.

Hayley is in her element and the perfect medium for teaching energy work - she's intuitive, loving and filled with light. Hayleys wisdom is only exceeded by her skills of facilitation and her practice - a true master and an excellent teacher. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Alexander Rabu