Virtual Client Testimonials

Hello Hayley.
The Distance Session we did the other day was amazing. The work you did on my heart chakra in particular was more than I’d ever expected. I can’t even find the words to explain how I felt the changes physically, as you remotely healed my heart chakra. I am also thankful for the emotional work from my past experiences. Your Distance Sessions are definitely effective! Thank you.


Hayley’s intuitive feedback during our energy healing distance sessions has provided me with a deeper level of clarity, support and empowerment. She taps directly into the things I need to process most which helps me to immediately realign my thought process and energy. The sessions are so on point and relevant. I feel an immediate and permanent shift after our sessions.

While I was in Mexico I had quite a spill missing a cement step and landing hard on my back. I could not move the next day and was in excruciating pain. Simple pleasures like feeding myself and going to the washroom without assistance were beyond my abilities. I messaged Hayley and asked if she could please do long-distance healing for me. While she was working on me, I had a sensation that a child might have from a caring mother sweeping the hair from my forehead. Hour by hour I started feeling a little bit better, and my mobility was being slowly restored. Hayley is truly a gift for all those who know her. Thank you universe for bringing her into my life!

Client Testimonials
Hayley is extremely intuitive and gentle in the way she works. I have never done well with massages, as I find them extremely painful and my body overreacts. Hayley was my last resort. I was very apprehensive, we discussed my concerns and proceeded with a plan of action. I went from hardly being able to walk and my arms, elbows and hands being in a tremendous amount of pain, to being able to function normally with much less pain after just one session. I also left the session being completely relaxed and guess what, not once did I experience pain in that session! I am very grateful for Hayley’s many abilities. She is amazing at what she does!
Tina J

Thanks for the amazing session today….I was going to ask you this after the session, but I think you had someone in the waiting room for you…but I saw colours throughout the session….mainly purple and violet when you were touching my head and arms and sides…..but then red to gold when you were by my feet…and then some blue and green when you were touching my back. I’m assuming these might relate to the Chakra colours. It was a fascinating experience and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for Reiki Level One!

Update 2 years later: “After that session, I now see colors whenever I am meditating!”


I am very pleased to be able to testify on Hayley’s expertise, not only in Reiki but also on her ability to bring about change in one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Curing a physical ailment is rarely possible in one session, but to ease an ailment and relax the mind and body goes a long way towards an eventual cure. Hayley possess the ability to bring about ease and relaxation through the magic of her hands and her incredible spiritual awareness.

Reiki Class Testimonials
After hearing and reading positive testimonies about Reiki, I decided to try it for myself. Hayley’s caring approach and expertise shines through in this course. I found Level 1 to be a practice I can continue with for my own self-care with excellent results. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn from Hayley and the Reiki lineage she represents.
Patricia B.

Our class was such a wonderful experience. I am so grateful for the time that you set aside and offer to us. Thank you greatly! I am so excited and look forward to the next step. Master class. You have introduced a whole new way of living and loving into my life. Thank you so much. Love light and gratefulness

I just wanted to take some time to let you know how I appreciated the one on one Reiki level 2 workshop! I have been doing my self-treatments every night so far 🙂 Thank you for taking me on this spiritual and healing journey – I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to get more practice in!

The Passion Test
Hayley is calm grounded, and clear. Her extensive training, experience, and empathy come across in her gentle approach. I enjoy working with her for many reasons, including her focus and a positive mindset. Her professionalism and skills put me at ease. Hayley’s virtual guidance with the Passion Test process through her online format, in particular, was just the support I needed to re-align myself in light of a new life chapter. I highly recommend working with her. om peace,

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing the Passion Test with me! The greatest gift I received in our session was the realization of what really matters most to m!. It feels so good to be focusing on who is really most important to me and taking care of myself. Thankyou!

Hi Hayley,
I can remember your smile so well. A very genuine being you are.
I trust you are well. I’m so happy to see you are still with InnerLife, my regards to you all there. Good memories even though it didn’t quite work out for me…didn’t
know at the time that my soul was on the move.
I just came across the Passion Test card from Feb 2012, 3 years ago, and I can honestly say, it’s all come through, it’s all true.
Life on Hornby is great. A warm community, solid work, respect for my practices,
time with the owls. ​
Sending you lots of love sweet woman.
xx E.D.