About Intuitive Healing Sessions

Hayley has developed a unique treatment style that infuses a variety of energy work techniques, guided by her intuitive gifts to support your body, mind and soul!

Hayley uses her training, education and experience in each session guided by her ability to “feel”, “sense” or “see” underlying stressors or blocks that are being held in the cellular memory of your body. In a session these unconscious stressors or blocks will surface when you’re ready to let go of them. When this happens Hayley “feels”, “senses” or “sees” these stressors or blocks in the form of muscle tension, colour (emotions), objects, visions, vibration, feelings or words.

She uses specific energy healing technique’s to remove these stressors and blocks, creating space to shift old beliefs systems, relieve anxiety and fear, clear trauma, relieve muscle tension and pain and create space for flow and healthy communication within your body-mind to heal.

This space facilitates the growth of new neuropathways to form so you can create new positive thought patterns, shift your perception, experience personal growth and live your life more in alignment with your heart! ❤

Each session is naturally tailored to meet your needs.


Hayley shares a holistic approach to wellness and infuses several treatment techniques including Reiki, Cellular Regeneration Technique, Energy Healing, Access Bars, Intuitive Support, Energy Clearing, Colour Balancing and Chakra Balancing.

Please wear cotton clothing for treatment (Ex. T-shirt and comfortable cotton or yoga style pants.)

Relax your Mind, Nourish your Body and Love your Soul! Gift certificates available.

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