Reiki Session

Hayley provides in person and distance Reiki sessions honouring the traditions of the rediscoverer of Reiki, Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. She shares 15 years of experience in her Reiki practice, utilizing traditional reiki tecniques, her continuing education and the wisdom she’s grown from study and her Reiki Master teachers. Each Reiki session is guided by Hayley’s intuitive gifts and naturally tailored to meet your needs.

In person: Reiki sessions are received laying comfortably on an Amethyst Infrared Bio-Mat.  Please wear comfortable cotton clothing for treatment. e.g. T-shirt and cotton or yoga style pants.)

On-line or Remote: Distance Reiki sessions can be received remotely or Virtual Distance Reiki Healing Sessions are available via Jane Online, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp. You can relax and receive your Distance Reiki session seated or laying down in the comfort and convenience of your home, office or favorite vacation spot.  Hayley has worked with clients sharing Distance Reiki across her home town of Victoria to Canada’s East Coast, Mexico, Hawaii, US to the UK.

Reiki love travels the distance regardless of where you are in the world!

Gift Certificates are available…

Hayley is in her element and the perfect medium for teaching energy work - she's intuitive, loving and filled with light. Hayleys wisdom is only exceeded by her skills of facilitation and her practice - a true master and an excellent teacher. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Alexander Rabu