Client Testimonials

Hayley has treated my arthritis and nerve pain issues for several years. She intuitively identifies problem areas, and chooses the best treatment from her extensive repertoire. Showing warmth and sensitivity, she has the unique ability to connect with mind and body. She is without a doubt the most accomplished therapist from whom I’ve received treatment.


I have to tell you that I felt great after that treatment. I was able to shoulder check much better and I just felt so light.


I am very pleased to be able to testify on Hayley’s expertise, not only in Reiki but also on her ability to bring about change in one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Curing a physical ailment is rarely possible in one session, but to ease an ailment and relax the mind and body goes a long way towards an eventual cure. Hayley possess the ability to bring about ease and relaxation through the magic of her hands and her incredible spiritual awareness.


I left your office yesterday and was walking on a cloud. I felt SO GOOD!!!! My partner said later that I seemed calmer. The negative talk has cut way back, almost none extant. I woke up this morning feeling rested…
I feel very blessed to have you in my life to help me on my journey 🙂

Love Always


Hayley, I felt great after the treatment, ready for the next one. In particular, the stiffness from my shoulders and neck has disappeared after many years.

I felt marvellous…no neck creaking and also took time to consider how my energy is spent and where balance needs to be in my life. So thank you again it was an excellent session.

I am writing about an amazing therapist named Hayley Clarke. I met Hayley through a friend when I had pretty much given up on feeling better ever again. I was injured badly in a horseback riding accident many years ago and had given up on all treatment. Becoming used to constant pain and no sleep. Hayley has a wonderful way of seeing what a person needs as far as treatment and getting right to it! Over the course of the time with Hayley, we have worked together and I now am able to sleep and also have learned to self-regulate in-between appointments. Her caring and compassionate treatment style always makes me feel comfortable and her professionalism is second to none! I have seen several treatment styles and practitioners and Hayley is the most professional one I have seen in the 20yrs since my accident. She is also the only one who has improved my life and given me the tools I need to make the improvement permanent. I have a physical and strenuous job as a horse trainer and equestrian coach and without Hayley’s help I am sure that life would be a lot harder. My life and work has turned onto a positive path with the treatments and tools that Hayley has given. She has also treated one of my horses who was badly injured and he absolutely loves her and the treatments she gives him. She is a treasure in a world full of imitators. Hayley is the real deal.

Hayley, I feel fantastic! I don’t know when I last felt so good. Did a fair bit of walking today and my feet weren’t even tired…can’t wait for my next Reflexology treatment!!

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for yesterday’s Reflexology treatment. I left your clinic feeling very relaxed and in my own little world. Thanks again!

Good morning beautiful sunshine – Thank you so very, very much for the exceptional treatment (really they all are in their own different way). I think I will need to book two hours with you from now on ~ It was so gentle, yet deep, thank you for sharing your magical gift and creating such a comfortable and safe space for me to receive all I needed. I loved finishing with the chakra balancing ~ thank you. I could feel the energy until I went to bed and now even when I’m thinking about it I can. Incredible. I was giggling and rocking to the music the whole way home – I had a perma smile I hope that energy stayed with you to. Thank you so much again Hayley.

My 9 year old was going through a particularly tough spell, and was experiencing a lot of anxiety and anxiety related symptoms. I had been to Hayley myself and decided to bring my son for a Reiki session. The experience was very positive for him. Hayley’s gentle calm approach allowed him to feel safe in the room, which allowed him to relax and truly benefit from the session. Afterwards my son felt warm and sleepy, and I definitely sensed that he felt calmer and more grounded. Hayley really allowed him to lead the time they spent together, deciding what essential oil he wanted, how he wanted to be on the table, etc. She was absolutely lovely with him, and I only wish my schedule allowed me to bring my son to her more often.

Thank you for such a great session. I feel much steadier on my feet. I feel much more patient with everyone. I am walking further for the first time in about five years. I have much more energy.
Thanks Thanks Thanks

I am feeling absolutely great after my session with you. I was even out in
the yard doing some weeding today.
Something I have not been able to do or even think about doing for a very
long time.
I am looking forward to our next session.


Praise for Full Circle Body Works therapist Hayley Clarke…..The Lady with the MAGIC HANDS, for relieving chronic back pain and greatly increasing and maintaining my mobility

76 year old Senior.

Sessions with Hayley Clarke are a treasure. She listens deeply (and reads between the lines) on what my presenting issues are and tailors her approach to what I specifically need that day. As a busy professional I need to remember to take time for self-care. I always emerge from her cozy treatment room feeling heard, nurtured and appreciated. And also very relaxed, calm and grounded. I also appreciate the messages she shares from various etheric helpers who communicate through her. Spot on!

“Hayley’s awesome! While receiving the Shiatsu treatment, I went into a deep relaxation and had a Supernatural type of vision which I will never forget. She is a gifted healer!”

Hayley is a truly gifted healer. I have been a client for a number of years. She is a caring and compassionate individual who always listens and understands my needs. She tackles my physical ailments and can detect less obvious energetic blockages as well. After a session with Hayley I feel lighter and more peaceful with a renewed sense of wellness. I always look forward to the next session!
Thanks so much Hayley!

Hayley, the effects of my reiki session yesterday was amazing! It so helped my mood and I felt a solid base yesterday. I didn’t even cry yesterday or last night with the gong show that is going on in my life! And that is impressive because I usually melt down around 4-5 p.m. And nothing!! Thank you for your magic hands.

Thank you so much for removing that black cloud.
Such a relief! I am feeling much better.

The session helped relieve my stress immensely, I’m so glad I was able to come 🙂

Hayley is extremely intuitive and gentle in the way she works. I have never done well with massages, as I find them extremely painful and my body overreacts. Hayley was my last resort. I was very apprehensive, we discussed my concerns and proceeded with a plan of action. I went from hardly being able to walk and my arms, elbows and hands being in a tremendous amount of pain, to being able to function normally with much less pain after just one session. I also left the session being completely relaxed and guess what, not once did I experience pain in that session! I am very grateful for Hayley’s many abilities. She is amazing at what she does!
Tina J

Thanks for the amazing session today….I was going to ask you this after the session, but I think you had someone in the waiting room for you…but I saw colours throughout the session….mainly purple and violet when you were touching my head and arms and sides…..but then red to gold when you were by my feet…and then some blue and green when you were touching my back. I’m assuming these might relate to the Chakra colours. It was a fascinating experience and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for Reiki Level One!

Update 2 years later: “After that session, I now see colors whenever I am meditating!”