Virtual Client Testimonials
Hello Hayley.
The Distance Session we did the other day was amazing. The work you did on my heart chakra in particular was more than I’d ever expected. I can’t even find the words to explain how I felt the changes physically, as you remotely healed my heart chakra. I am also thankful for the emotional work from my past experiences. Your Distance Sessions are definitely effective! Thank you.

Hayley’s intuitive feedback during our energy healing distance sessions has provided me with a deeper level of clarity, support and empowerment. She taps directly into the things I need to process most which helps me to immediately realign my thought process and energy. The sessions are so on point and relevant. I feel an immediate and permanent shift after our sessions.

I have been seeing Hayley for over 10 years for a variety of healing treatments, she has been a part of my regular routine just like a supplement. I have always felt a major release and relaxation of my body and spirit at the close of each session. This kind of work takes a special person and to me she is known as “Magic Hands”. With the current situation of physical distancing seeing the practitioners who have the ability to help us the most has been impossible. However, I recently tried a Virtual “Restore Session” with Hayley, I was not sure what it would look like but I found it to be just what I needed! It helped to ease my mind, it allowed me to focus on some thoughts that had been causing me some anxiety and most importantly she provided me with some simple words, a mantra if you will to bring positive thoughts in. I highly recommend this session for physical and mental health, and just to get some outside support in a very strange time. I am sure you will come away feeling lighter and brighter like I did.

While I was in Mexico I had quite a spill missing a cement step and landing hard on my back. I could not move the next day and was in excruciating pain. Simple pleasures like feeding myself and going to the washroom without assistance were beyond my abilities. I messaged Hayley and asked if she could please do long-distance healing for me. While she was working on me, I had a sensation that a child might have from a caring mother sweeping the hair from my forehead. Hour by hour I started feeling a little bit better, and my mobility was being slowly restored. Hayley is truly a gift for all those who know her. Thank you universe for bringing her into my life!

I have had the benefit of Hayley’s Reiki and Energy healing & treatment for a few years, and yesterday I experienced a Virtual Session.
I was comfy on my couch and her face, voice, and energy were right beside me on my video screen for an hour & half. With my eyes closed it was the same healing energy, colours, and experience as always. Her clairsentience and knowledge was relevant and powerful. I am still feeling the healing!
Thanks Hayley.